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Is life a race?

The Department of Education, Government of Assam, India is supporting the initiative of the Society for Mental Health in LAMIC (SoMHiL) in collaboration with ECHO India in hosting an event on Thursday, 10 September 2020 which is the World Suicide Prevention Day. Managing Editor of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®), Utpal Bora, MD will be one of the speakers in this event, “Is life a race?” that will be moderated by Mythili Hazarika, PhD, the President of SoMHiL. A recitation competition was also arranged with the theme of ‘Life’, facilitated by Nilofar Rahman and Papori Goswami, and judge, Srutimala Duara will be declaring the results on this day. The link to the session is https://spark.echoindia.in/jr/sess_x-MZr9StDw/

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