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During 2004-07, a group of enthusiastic doctors came together in the Department of Psychiatry, Gauhati Medical College Hospital, Guwahati to pursue postgraduate training. They compiled their presentations in the case conferences, journal clubs, and seminars as part of academics for MD Psychiatry course. These compiled pages along with write-ups from faculty were stapled together and released in the form of an in-house magazine. They named it 7+5=13. After successfully releasing few issues, the 7+5=13 came to a halt. And it coincided with the departure of that group of doctors from the institute once their training period was over.

When one of them joined the same institute as faculty, the 7+5=13 resumed its second version; but, only for a brief period. This time the stoppage coincided with that faculty’s transfer to another institute. However, in the new institute, namely Silchar Medical College Hospital, Silchar, the same concept was reintroduced in 2010. And a new name was coined: Dysphrenia.

In the year 2011, the earlier mentioned faculty member was transferred to a newly opened academic institute, namely Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed Medical College Hospital, Barpeta. Here, he was joined by one of the earlier group members. Now, the magazine turned to an academic journal with ISSN. Subsequently, in bibliographic databases, abstracting and indexing started.

Dysphrenia was renamed to Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS) in 2015. It is now an established peer-reviewed biannual journal. With the growth came greater responsibility as well as workload. Gradually things become difficult to run by the small group of like-minded people working in the field of behavioural and allied sciences.

Thus, entered Academy Publisher into the scene. The publishing group has solely come into existence to support this academic endeavour. This academic endeavour in the form of ‘7+5=13’ turned ‘Dysphrenia’ turned ‘OJPAS’ may be another one of the rest while considered in the context of western Europe and northern America. But, the same when taken into consideration of the lower and middle income countries (LAMIC), India included, this is an event which merits attention!

Academy Publisher arrived now only; 2014, to be precise. Honestly, it is novice when compared to big and established houses. The felt need of having to have a publisher to carry forward the work of the journal led to its birth. An easy way out could have been is to handover the reins to an already existing renowned platform. Instead, this alternative pathway is attempted. With the motivation of that just like the journal, the publisher will also grow through work over time.

In fact, along with publishing the journal, Academy Publisher also published two books with ISBN: Brain understanding of mental illness and Psychodermatoses. Currently, it focuses on scholarly publications, mainly related to life sciences.

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