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OJPAS® editors in ANCIPS 2019


Managing Editor, Editorial Board Member, and Assistant Editor of the Open Journal of Psychiatry & Allied Sciences (OJPAS®) Utpal Bora, Maheshwar Nath Tripathi, and Samrat Singh Bhandari respectively are in Lucknow for the 71st Annual National Conference of Indian Psychiatric Society (ANCIPS 2019). Utpal Bora and Maheshwar Nath Tripathi presented the symposium, “Psychiatry training in undergraduate medical students: Time to delve, deliberate and deliver” along with Subhash Das. Samrat Singh Bhandari co-chaired the “ADHD parent training workshop”.

Another Editorial Board Member of OJPAS®, Prosenjit Ghosh co-chaired and spoke in the symposia, “The overlooked nuances of the problem of addiction” and “Nicotine and psychopathology: ‘gateway’ to ‘hardening’” respectively.

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